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For some men, it’s hard to add creativity and color to their boring suits. When you walk through a suit and/or fancy clothing store, all you may see are walls and racks full of ordinary black, brown, gray and dark blue suits. Because a suit is such a structured look, some men might find it difficult to add their own style and character to their get up.

If you’re a man who enjoys adding detail and modern style to his professional wear, here are some ideas on how to incorporate a splash of color into your business or formal wear.

1. Don’t forget about the little things.

Some men will underestimate the humble belt. Because this accessory is such a small part of the entire outfit, some guys will completely forget about how much detail can be created with the use of a belt or an interesting buckle.

Go online to your favorite clothing retailer, such as Vineyard Vines, for example, and take a look at their belt and buckle selections. You’ll find a variety of interesting options in different colors, shapes and sizes. This is a small way to add a bit of unique style to your wardrobe.

2. Tie everything together with bold colors and prints.

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When you’re not donning an ordinary suit, surely you’re wearing colorful shirts, hats and other accessories. So why not incorporate your personal style and color choices into your hum-drum suit?

One of the easiest ways to look swanky in a suit, while also adding a pop of color, is with a tie. Quality designers manufacture modern ties with bold colors and prints. Visit websites, such as vineyardvines.com, and you’ll find silk varieties, in various lengths, with unique prints that will please any man. For example, Vineyard Vines ties and other quality clothing accessories are a great investment that can add fun to a conventional outfit.

3. Get fancy with your footwear.

Chances are that when you put on a suit, you typically stay neutral when it comes to the types of shoes and socks you wear. Like the average man, you probably have a couple pairs of black and brown dress shoes that you wear with black dress socks. If you are attending a more casual affair, why not incorporate interesting socks with your suit?

Adding flair to your outfit doesn’t have to be for only casual outings; subtle ways to add a pop of color to your suit can be creatively implemented for business or formal wear events as well.

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